FIX: Windows 10 Print Spooler Keeps Stopping

Want to print something important, but your Print Spooler isn’t responding, is that what’s happening? Well, we know why your Windows 10 Print Spooler keeps stopping and how to fix it.

We know, it’s hard to imagine a day without Print Spooler and will not even let you think so. And this is why we are here with this guide.

But, before we directly move to the fix it’s important to know everything about Spooling and issues with spooling and why the Spooler gets stuck while printing.

So, Let’s Get Started!

What Does Spooling Mean On Printer?

Windows 10 Print Spooler keeps stopping
Windows 10 Print Spooler keeps stopping

Spooling on Printer means allowing the printer to print jobs transferred from a computer that is temporarily stored. When transferring of files gets successful it automatically prints out.

However, sometimes due to multiple factors this Print Spooler stops responding. But-

Why Print Spooler Keeps Stopping Issue Occurs?

When your Print Spooler get stuck it may be due to-

  • Obsolete drivers
  • Corrupt files,
  • Insufficient permissions

So, if you feel you know why this is happening then fixing the cause is prior to fixing the actual issue.

Furthermore, It may happen that the actual issue is in the path of file transfer, like in Spool Printing, the transferred file is saved on the hard disk and then moved for printing.

So, if there’s any issue in the path it will directly stop the printer. 

However, if you notice a “Windows can’t open add printer” message when you try to print using a different printer then possibly your file is corrupt.

But, the best part is that whatever may be the reason you can easily fix it up!

Some even get confused when it comes to categorie this issue with local printers or WAN printers.

Yes, you may be stuck in a situation when the cause lies in your printer set up, most probably in local print.

● Local Print Spooler Not Running Windows 10 Issue

If your local printer throws this issue then you don’t need to try multiple methods just having a configuration check can easily fix it up. The complete step-by-step process to this is listed-below in our guide, keep reading.

● WAN Printer Not Running Windows 10 Issue

Print Spooler Keeps Stopping Issue Occurs
Print Spooler Keeps Stopping Issue Occurs

But, when there’s an issue with your WAN Printer then there’s nothing like a specific fix. In that case you need to try the below listed fixes in the same order we listed here!

Fix: Why Won’t My Printer Work With Windows 10

Print Spooler stopping issue can be due to a bucket full of reasons, but following the right steps can bring your printer back to normal.

Fortunately! We have a few best methods on our list to fix your printer in a count of 10. Here’s what you need to do-

● Run Printer Troubleshooter:

As we know Windows 10 comes with a built-in troubleshooter for any local issue; one of such is the issue. Steps to do this-

  1. First, open your Settings from the Start menu.
  1. From Settings select Update & Security.
  1. Here move to the Troubleshoot tab and then tap on Additional troubleshooters.
  1. Now, select Printer from the popped list and then Run the troubleshooter.
  1. Make sure to follow all prompts on the Printer troubleshooter as this will spot the printing issue which you can fix very easily.

● Print Spooler Configuration Check:

Running printer troubleshooters sometimes won’t figure out the actual cause of printer status error Windows 10 issue. This can be fixed by double-checking the configuration of the Print Spooler and making changes if required. Here’s what need to do-

Windows can't open add printer
Windows can’t open add printer
  1. First, open your Run box by pressing Windows + R key.
  1. In the Run box type services.msc and then press OK.
  1. Now, you need to double-click the service labeled Print Spooler.
  1. Check if the Startup type is Automatic or not, if not then change it to Automatic.
  1. To set Service status to Running select Start.
  1. Lastly, press Apply, and then OK.

● Print Spooler Recovery Response Check:

Checking spooler recovery response is also among the best ways to fix this print Spooler stopping issue.

But, what’s more crucial here is it restarts the service even after it fails and here’s what you need to do-

  1. First, open your Services app.
  1. In the Services app, double-check the Print Spooler service.
  1. Now, move to the Recovery tab.
  1. In the Recovery tab, you need to click on the Restart the Service on the drop-down menus.
  1. Lastly, finalize your changes by clicking on the Apply button and then OK.

● Reinstall Printer Drivers

Reinstalling Printer Drivers is the best way to fix this issue if it’s due to corrupt or broken printer drivers. Windows 10 restart print spooler or reinstalling printers driver can be done with a few simple steps.

  1. First, click on the Start menu and from the listed menu select Settings, then tap on Devices and finally on Printers & scanners.
  1. From the Printers and Scanners section select a printer.
  1. Click on Remove device to remove your printer.
  1. Now, click on Home and move to Apps, then select the Apps & features option.
  1. If you notice any printer-related support software, select and remove it.
  1. Lastly, restart your computer and check if the issue is fixed or not.
printer status error Windows 10 issue
printer status error Windows 10 issue

It’s time to reinstall printer drivers.

  1. For this, re-open your Settings app and then move to Devices and then select the Printers & scanners option.
  1. Now, in the Printers and Scanner section click on Add a printer or scanner option. Add your desired device this time.
  1. When you are down with your printer selection follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation.

Note- If required you can reinstall the support software for the printer that you uninstalled earlier.

That’s all about how to restart the print spooler in Windows 10 through reinstalling the Printer Drivers. And with this, we are now done with our fixes, hope your printer issue is now fixed.

It’s better to take precautions before it results in such hectic issues, so, here are some best-

Tips To Avoid Print Spooler Keeps Stopping Windows 10 Issue

We hope your printer issue is now fixed and all you need now is a few tips to prevent such issues in future.

So, here’s some best tips to avoid print spooler keeps stopping Windows 10 issue-

  • Scan your PC with Antimalware everyday.
  • Modify your Registries, when you face this issue more frequently.
  • Always make sure to remove all Duplicate Printer Drivers.
  • Restore your Windows 10 to factory settings if such an issue occurs repeatedly.
  • Remove temporary files which are not further required, as these files get corrupt sometimes causing Printer issues.
Windows 10 restart print spooler
Windows 10 restart print spooler

Points To Be Included:-

  • Don’t restore directly to factory mode while dealing with severe underlying issues.
  • Try every possible method to fix your issue before factory restore.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.How do I reinstall the print spooler in Windows 10?

To reinstall the print spooler you need to follow just a few simple steps-

  1. First, open your control panel, then select the programs and then features.
  2. Now, move to the installed printer driver and then select uninstall on right-click.
  3. To remove the driver completely, just restart your Windows from your PC.
  4. Last, you need to obtain the updated software from your printer manufacturers.

Make sure you reinstall only those items which you need to prevent such errors in future.

2. Why does print spooler keep stopping Windows 10?

There can be many reasons due to which your Print Spooler service can keep stopping. Some most common reasons such as too many, pending, or corrupt files. Sometimes deleting your print spooler files or corrupt files can fix this Printer Spooler stopping issue.

3. How to turn on printer spooler Window 10?

To turn on your Printer Spooler in Window 10, just follow the below listed steps-

  1. First, click on the Windows icons, and then move to the search box, type Services in the dialogue box  and tap search.
  1. Go to the right-hand side pane in your Services window and tap on the Print Spooler option from the popped list.
  1. When your Printer Spooler is not in the running mode, you need to right-click on Print Spooler and then from the menu select Start the service. 

This will turn on your Printer Spooler in your Windows 10.

4. How to fix Android Spooler?

This is fairly to do, you just need to follow a few simple steps –

  1. First, move to your Android device Settings and then select the Apps or Applications.
  2. In this section click on the ‘Show System Apps’ option.
  3. Now, start scrolling down and tap on the ‘Print Spooler’ option. In certain devices, you need to click on ‘Storage’ before you move ahead.
  4. Click on Clear Cache and Clear Data both.
  5. After clearing, open the document you want to print.
  6. Select the print option from the menu icon.

This will fix your Android Spooler issue immediately.

5. How do I fix printer spooler problem?

There is a list of fixes you can try if such a print spooler won’t start Windows 10 issue occurs.

  • Run Printer Troubleshooter
  • Print Spooler Configuration Check
  • Print Spooler Recovery Response Check
  • Reinstall Printer Drivers

We have already discussed each one of these with the proper steps above in our guide.

Wrapping Up

Printer Spooler issue is among those irritating issues which take hours to get fixed. This issue is enough to ruin your entire day, but with our listed tricks and hacks, you can easily fix this “Windows 10 print spooler keeps stopping” issue and even prevent further occurrence.

However, make sure you apply the above-mentioned fixes in the order we listed for quick results.

Is this guide informative?

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