USB Mouse Keeps Disconnecting Windows 10

Despite running several updates, users of Windows 10 still experience frustrating issues with the operating system. Microsoft releases monthly security patches and bi-annual feature updates on more than 1.3 billion devices worldwide, but users are experiencing a wide range of technical problems. In fact, one of the most common issues among Windows 10 users is the connectivity of their USB mouse.

If you’re experiencing the same technical issues with your USB mouse, here are the possible causes behind this error:

Cause 1: The mouse is not connected to the right USB port.

Cause 2: The software program is disconnecting the device to save power.

Cause 3: There are issues with the hardware of the USB mouse.

Cause 4: The Logitech Options of your mouse are interfering with the connectivity.

4 Solutions that can Fix the USB Mouse Connectivity Errors

USB Mouse Connectivity

Assess the connectivity of the mouse and USB port

First and foremost, your mouse may be experiencing connectivity issues because of the USB port itself. As such, the first troubleshooting solution is to connect your mouse to the right USB port. You may have to unplug and re-plug the mouse onto different ports to test its functionality. If the device works perfectly with the other ports, then the first USB port may have a physical problem. For instance, you may experience connectivity issues due to any debris stuck in your USB port. To remove the obstruction, shut off your computer, then use a thin plastic to clear the inside of the port or blow the obstruction out using canned air.

Disable power management for devices

Devices using Windows 10 have different settings that can either favor the gadget’s performance or its battery life. Since performance-based settings take up too much power, the device may automatically set power management options to minimize energy consumption. However, these power management settings may affect the devices connected to your computer, including your USB mouse. To disable this option, you’ll need to open the hardware and sound settings. Click the power options before opening the ‘Change plan settings’ sections. On the next screen, click the ‘Change advanced power settings’ section. Check out the settings in this section and disable the ones affecting your USB mouse. Lastly, save the settings before restarting your computer.

Check out any hardware issues

If your USB port and power management settings are not interfering with the connectivity, then your USB mouse may be experiencing hardware issues. To illustrate, the optical sensor of your mouse may be damaged if the device doesn’t make any sounds while you’re clicking the buttons. On the other hand, the optical sensor of your mouse may be unable to process any movement because the internal components are failing to pick up any signals. This damage can affect the device’s signal integrity, therefore affecting the electrical signals sent to the optical sensor. Once you experience difficulties with the signal or fail to hear a sound from your mouse, consider repairing the hardware. It may also be necessary to replace the device with a mouse that has a better signal and sensor performance.

Examine the Logitech settings

Finally, if you have a Logitech USB mouse, then you have to examine the settings for this specific brand. When we covered Logitech’s gaming software on Windows 10, we noted that this software program allows external devices to be configured based on the user’s preferences. This application can make it possible for players to use advanced gaming capabilities through their peripherals, but you’ll have to download it to access these settings. However, you may still experience connectivity issues, even after downloading this software program. In this case, it is recommended that you open the Control Panel before looking for the ‘Logitech Options’ application. Right-click on it and uninstall to fix the random disconnecting instances from your computer.

Connectivity issues can be pretty common with USB mouse units due to the wide range of causes behind them. To resolve such issues, check the settings for the power management or Logitech devices. Otherwise, you may have to assess the USB port or the mouse hardware.

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