Top 6 Ways To Resolve Computer Won’t Recognize Kindle Fire Error

Have you become a victim of the “computer won’t recognize kindle fire” issue? Does your PC show “Kindle Fire is not recognized by Windows 10”?

Don’t worry pal! Today we are going to teach you how to fix kindle fire is not recognized by windows 10 problems through our 6 quite easy and successful methods.

Without wasting any more time, let’s jump to the main topic.

Common Reasons For Why Computer Won’t Recognize Kindle Fire

Are you wondering, “why my kindle fire won’t connect to wifi?” Is your kindle fire touch screen not working?

Is the kindle fire charger not working? Or could the kindle fire email not connect to the server on time? 

Why Computer Won't Recognize Kindle Fire
Why Computer Won’t Recognize Kindle Fire

The list of questions for Kindle Fire is never-ending. And as we all know, Amazon’s Kindle reader has come very far. It was first launched as a simple e-book reader. Later, it evolved and added Wifi and then email.

Today, this full-fledged is no longer just a reader. But like any other device, the user may encounter trouble connecting to the PC. That can cause the computer won’t recognize kindle fire errors.

Here are some basic reasons the problem reoccurs.

  • Kindle communication with a PC can get interrupted by hardware or software problems.
  • There is some issue with the USB port.
  • The mini USB cable which comes with the Kindle Fire could be broken or damaged. 

6 Methods To Solve Computer Won’t Recognize Kindle Fire Problem

Here we have provided the six most useful and tested fixes that you can try to solve common errors related to Kindle Fire. 

Solution 1: Reconnect Kindle Fire To PC

When you are in a situation where kindle fire is not recognized by windows 10, you can try this method to fix the problem. So here is how to connect kindle fire to the computer.

1. First of all, unplug the Kindle Fire from your computer’s USB port. Next, re-plug it into another USB port.

2. Change the USB cable and reconnect the Kindle Fire, if your computer does not identify it. You can even purchase a new USB cable if the old one is broken.

Why Computer Won't Recognize Kindle Fire
Why Computer Won’t Recognize Kindle Fire

3. Reconnect the Kindle Fire to your computer. Then, hard shut it down by pressing its power button for 40 seconds.

Don’t know where is the power button on a kindle? Well, it is located near the right side along the top edge.

4. Now, reboot the Kindle Fire. After doing that, your PC will detect the device and install the MTP driver again.

5. Still kindle not appearing on pc? If the error occurs, then charge the Kindle Fire for 30 to 40 minutes and repeat step 4.

Are you sighing because the above method did not work? Thinking, “How do I connect my Fire tablet to my PC by following the other method?”

Then, check out the next fix!

Solution 2: Install The Kindle Fire Driver For Windows 10 

Is your PC unable to detect the Kindle Fire? Or are you wondering How do I connect my Kindle to my laptop? The reason could be Windows 10 Kindle Fire installation failure or either it is missing.

If this is the case, you will notice an exclamation mark under the USB driver’s Portable Devices in Device Manager. Or else, you will see an MTP or a yellow exclamation.

You can try this fix to help solve the Kindle not showing up on your laptop or computer.

1. Open the device manager, then expand the Portable Devices. After doing that, you will see an MTP device or Kindle Fire.

2. Now, right-click on the MTP device or Kindle Fire and choose Update Driver.

3. Click on the second option that says, “Browse my computer for driver software.”

4. Now click on the bottom option that says, “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.”

5. After that, tick Show compatible hardware, and the right model will appear. Now, pick an MTP USB device. Then, tap on next. 

6. Click yes in the Update Driver Warning window. The Windows will automatically install the compatible device driver for your Kindle Fire.

7. If you do not wish to install the manual way, update the driver. For that, you can get Driver Booster.

Solution 3: Download the latest version of the Kindle Fire Application 

Like other users, are you wondering, “How do I get my PC to recognize my Kindle?” or asking, “How do I make my Kindle Fire discoverable?

Reconnect Kindle Fire to PC
Reconnect Kindle Fire to PC

Well, your solution is right here. Many of you might not know that the Kindle Fire application can make Windows 10 unrecognizable. And sometimes, its improper app can become the issue and say that Kindle Fire is charging but not recognized.

But what is the reality?

You have to use this Kindle Fire application to transfer video or files from your PC and Kindle Fire. 

So even if its software is outdated or problematic, and you couldn’t connect your Kindle Fire to the PC, here is what you need to do. You have to have the issues by installing the latest version of the app and updating the transfer application.

Solution 4: Connect Kindle Fire To PC As Camera 

Are you still unable to recognize your Kindle Fure to the PC? If yes, why not try to connect Kindle Fire to the computer as a camera?

This way, you can see if the Kindle device is working well on Windows 10. Here is how to do it:

1. Once the Kindle Fire is plugged into the PC, go to the drop-down menu. Then pick the Kindle Fire as a camera.

2. If you are unable to find the drop-down list, you can

  • Go to the Settings
  • Click on Storage on your device

We hope these ways help you resolve the Kindle Fire not detected error. And if you still cannot solve it, use it with the wireless network.

Next, upload the files online. Lastly, you can download it on your computer. 

Method 5: Performing A Hard Reset 

Many users also complain, “My kindle fire won’t charge or turn on. What is the solution?”

Well, like other tablets and smartphones, Kindle comes with an inbuilt reset function, that helps the user to clear their device’s memory. It also helps to clean install the operating system.

Once you reset it, you will be able to address the issue that might be stopping your computer from recognizing the device.

Performing A Hard Reset 
Performing A Hard Reset 

Here is how to do a hard reset for your Kindle Fire:

  • Quickly plug the Kindle Fire into your PC. 
  • Now, press and hold the Power button for a minimum of 40 seconds.
  • Wait patiently for the Kindle to restart on its own. So yes, that is how to restart the kindle fire tablet.
  • Once the device restarts, release the button. You can turn on the Kindle by pressing the power button if it has not restarted automatically.
  • Lastly, connect the device to your computer and see if “Kindle Fire is not recognized by Windows 10” or not.

Method 6: Disabling The USB Selective Suspend Feature 

There is another way up in our sleeves for you, if your PC doesn’t detect a Kindle. You can try disabling the USB selective suspend feature.

Many times, this feature gets enabled in portable computers to increase the battery life and conserve power. Thus, it leads to USB connectivity problems. 

Here is how to disable it to get rid of the issue:

1. Press Windows Key+R on your keyboard to open the Run dialog box.

2. Type “control panel” and click the Enter button. After you see the Control Panel, ensure to set View By option to Category.

3. Click on Hardware and Sound. Then select Power Options.

4. When you are taken to the new window, find the chosen power plan.

5. Tap on Change Plan Settings and then click the ‘Change advanced power settings option.

6. Now, expand the USB Settings’ contents. Then select USB Selective Suspend Setting.

7. After that, select Disabled for the Battery and Plugged In options.

8. Then, save all the newly made changes. Click on Apply and OK to dave all the modifications.

You can even try this solution if Kindle Fire is not recognized and you see it getting charged. 

We hope any of these 6 methods help you to fix your problem. If not, then don’t be discouraged because we still have some tricks and tips left in our magic hat.

Keep scrolling to find out more!

Additional Methods To Fix The Kindle Fire Is Not Recognized By Windows 10 Issue 

Install the Kindle Fire Driver for Windows 10 
Install the Kindle Fire Driver for Windows 10 
  • Method 1: Use a Different Computer 
  • Method 2: Charge your Kindle for more than 30 minutes
  • Method 3: Trying a Different Port or Cable 
  • Method 4: Connecting Kindle Using Calibre 
  • Method 5: Enable ADB (Android Debug Bridge) 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How to add movies to kindle fire?

If the movie is in a different format lie WMV or other, get a promising video converter software, and you will be all set. Then, you need to grab Kindle Fire to your PC through a micro USB cable.

Once the Kindle Fire pops up on your PC, copy the movie and paste it pops the Kindle file. Lastly, on the Kindle, go to the Apps and then to the Gallery app. You will see the movie in that section. This is how to transfer movies to kindle fire.

2. Does kindle fire have Bluetooth?

Yes! You can find Bluetooth in Settings. Then, click on Wireless to open and run in the Bluetooth.

3. Does kindle fire need updates?

Yes. New updates bring in new features and improve security. So just like other devices, Kindle Gire needs new updates too.

4. How to unlock a kindle fire tablet?

Go to your Amazon account and click on Device Actions. Then, click on Remote Lock and press Enter. Next, confirm a new pin or password and click on Lock Device. Now, from the Kindle Fire tablet, cluck on Unlock Device. 

Summing Up

Hopefully, by following our 6 solutions and some additional tips you have fixed the computer won’t recognize the kindle problem for Windows 10. Make sure that you are using a well-working USB port on your PC. If any of these solutions helped you, share this blog with other users. Visit us again for more technical articles. 

Good luck!

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