How To Turn On Vizio Tv Without Remote

The most significant advantage of smart televisions over ordinary televisions is that they can be controlled without a remote. The majority of smart TVs have their smartphone app for remote control.

Any Vizio television can be effortlessly turned on without a remote. Even though the Vizio Smart TV includes two types of smart TVs, the TV may be turned on without a remote.

By adjusting the image settings on your Vizio television, you may optimize your streaming experience. Vizio TV provides several choices for controlling it without a remote for the most convenient navigation.

This allows you to search for applications, modify user settings, and make other essential adjustments. There are three methods to activate a Vizio television without a remote:

  • Using the Television Controls
  • Utilizing the Smartphone Application 
  • Through External Devices

Turn On Vizio TV Using The SmartCast App

The Play Store and the App Store both feature the VIZIO SmartCast Mobile app. The app can be used to operate your Vizio TV. Download the app from the appropriate store onto your mobile device.

If you are experiencing pairing troubles, update your Vizio Smart TV to the newest version and utilize this application.

  • Launch the VIZIO SmartCast Mobile application on your mobile device.
  • Navigate to Devices and click the Add button in the upper right corner.
  • Hold your smartphone close to your Vizio TV to sync it with the app.
  • Once paired, click the Control icon at the bottom of the display.
  • You will receive the remote layout.
  • Click the Power button to turn your television on.
  • Using the app, you may easily control your Vizio television.

By using the VIZIO SmartCast Smartphone application, you may adjust the volume and reset the TV to factory settings without a remote.

Some Android smartphones include a remote control application for controlling electronic gadgets. For example, the Mi Remote application for Xiaomi smartphones. You may also use these applications to power your Vizio TV.

How To Turn On Your Vizio TV With A PS4

how to turn on vizio tv without remote

If you are an active gamer, you may wish to simplify the process of entering a game. Here’s how to switch on your television simply by turning on a game console.

  • Connect the PlayStation 4 to the Vizio television through an HDMI connection, and then power it on.
  • Select System under Settings.
  • Select HDMI Device Link Enabled.

When you switch on your PlayStation 4, your Vizio TV will instantly turn on and switch to the appropriate input. In addition, picking that input from the list turns on the PlayStation 4 automatically.

How To Turn On Your Vizio TV With The Nintendo Switch

The procedure differs somewhat for Nintendo Switch users.

  • Utilize the dock to attach your Nintendo Switch console to your Vizio television.
  • Choose System Settings from the Home screen.
  • To switch on the TV, click TV Settings in the left column, then scroll down the page and select Match TV Power State.
  • When a console is put to sleep, the input will be disabled. The television automatically switches to the correct input channel when the console is powered.

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How Do I Reset My Vizio TV Without The Remote?

how to turn on vizio tv without remote
  • The power button is located on the back of the television.
  • While the television is on, simultaneously press and hold the ‘Input’ and ‘Volume Down’ buttons for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • A prompt will ask if you want to factory reset the television.
  • All of your data will be wiped, and your Vizio TV will restart.

How To Turn On Vizio Tv Without A Remote Using Playstation

Using the Vizio SmartCast app for iOS and Android is the easiest way to turn on your television if you’ve lost or misplaced the remote. Using the remote app, you may also operate your Vizio Smart TV without a remote. This means that even if you cannot locate the remote, you can still operate the television.

Turn On Vizio Tv Using Smart Cast Mobile App.

Install our Android or iOS application, and you can operate your VIZIO SmartCast devices from any compatible tablet or smartphone.

  • Launch the VIZIO SmartCast mobile application.
  • You will then be asked to get started and presented with a list of your home’s VIZIO SmartCast devices.

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Turn On Vizio Tv Using PS4

how to turn on vizio tv without remote

Use an HDMI cable to connect your PlayStation 4 to your Vizio TV, then turn it on.

  • Select Configuration > System.
  • Choose Allow HDMI Device Link.
  • When you spin on your PlayStation 4, the Vizio TV will automatically switch to the appropriate input.

The PlayStation 4 is compatible with HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control). If your television supports this capability, it will effectively obey HDTV remote commands sent through an HDMI cable. To enable this feature, you must first activate the corresponding settings on both your PS4 and your television.

Frequently Asked Questions-

1. Where is the power button on a Vizio TV?
Ans. On Vizio television models, the power button is located below the HDMI ports on the lower, right back of the television. The power button on the front bezel’s left side is on older Vizio televisions.

2. Do Vizio TVs have a power button?
Ans. On later models of Vizio televisions, the power button is situated on the back, right side, underneath the HDMI ports. On older Vizio televisions, the power button is located on the left side or bottom left corner of the front bezel.

3. Where are the manual buttons on a Vizio TV?
Ans. The Vizio power switch (and possibly others) can be found in one of two locations (since around 2013). Locations of Vizio TV buttons on 2013 and subsequent models: The lower left rear of the Vizio television. The lower right rear of the Vizio television.

4. How can I use Vizio TV without a remote or app?
Ans. Why Vizio chose not to include a ‘Menu’ button is unclear, but you can still reach the settings by pressing and holding the ‘Input’ and ‘Vol Down’ keys. What are these? This will open up the menu, which you may navigate using the directional buttons.

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