How To Play Phasmophobia On Oculus Quest 2

How To Play Phasmophobia On Oculus Quest 2: You may have known that you could play Phasmophobia on Oculus Quest 2 but had no idea how. Kinetic Games is working hard to give Phasmophobia an immersive experience that players will enjoy. 

In this four-player cooperative horror game, you and your friends must investigate a haunted location for clues to determine what type of ghost you are dealing with.

  • Visit the meta Quest  store 
  • Download the Oculus App on your PC
  • Setup Airlink
  • Purchase the official Quest Link cable 
  • 3rd party link cable connection 

Since the Oculus Quest 2 can stream they haven’t done so internet connection with wireless. To obtain Phasmophobia on Oculus Quest 2, use Link or Virtual Desktop via Steam VR. This means you’ll need a PC with the game pre-installed on Steam. Then you can use Steam VR to connect to your Oculus Quest 2 and play the game using one of your preferred methods.

Will Phasmophobia Come To Quest 2?

how to play phasmophobia on oculus quest 2

Phasmophobia on Oculus Quest 2 is a thriller-based game that has 4 players playing online. There are ways in which there should be a proper connection from phasmophobia. Quest 2 phasmophobia needs an internet connection to be stronger. 

You will need to open the Oculus app and then switch on to the oculus Quest 2 by connecting it with a USB 3 cable. The next step is to switch on the oculus Quest 2 plugging in your USB in the right place. The port should be a 3.0 port on the PC.  

Next, you will have to steam open the platform where you will be plating the Phasmophobia. Yes, you can play Phasmophobia on Oculus Quest if you are wondering if it is possible. However, the issue is that Phasmophobia is not accessible in Quest 2. 

Therefore, you must buy the game through Steam. Phasmophobia has received a number of improvements from recent upgrades based on April 2022 from Steam, which favorably establishes solid gameplay for the game and VR mechanics. 

In addition, if you are wondering Can You Play Phasmophobia On Oculus Quest 2 Without A PC or not. The answer is you can’t. The oculus phasmophobia can be played on Steam games. 

What Is The Benefit Of Playing Phasmophobia With The Use Of A Wired Connection?

On Oculus Quest, there are two ways to play peacefully with Phasmophobia. The Link Cable method and Air Link method come in first. The first approach entails connecting your headset and computer via a USB cable or a Link Cable. 

Once you have verified that all of the wires are connected, select the Oculus Link option from the Main Menu. Your headset will then switch into Oculus Rift mode, allowing you to access the content on the PC. 

Ways To Play Phasmophobia Using Wireless Connection?

how to play phasmophobia on oculus quest 2

Phasmophobia can be played on oculus Quest 2 by using the Air link feature in oculus. It allows the way to play the game on steam without the use of a wired connection. 

Air Link still consists of all the features that are used to work on but allows experimenting the ways to play Phasmophobia by using the wires. Here are a few steps that prove the successful playing of phasmophobia by using a wireless connection.  

  • Download the PC Quest 2 App 
  • Log into the website of Quest 2 
  • Use it either on the Facebook account or the Beta tab
  • Enable Airlink  option 
  • Click on the option called experimental features & look for the Air link
  • Enable Air Link 
  • Open Steam 
  • Start play Phasmophobia

The features of the Air Link include some disadvantages. It uses Wi-Fi to stream Phasmophobia to your VR headset, which may cause lag and texture pop-ups, making the game look bad and perfect putting on a VR headset like the Oculus Quest 2. 

Do You Think Phasmophobia Will Be On Oculus Quest Store?

Phasmophobia is a very enveloping experience. Don’t mind the strange player avatars you will have to deal with. They can effortlessly bend their spines to perform a Matrix-style dodge. Phasmophobia does request that you wear a headset for greater immersion. 

Is phasmophobia on oculus quest 2 both linked and played through Steam? A USB if you wish to play wired with a decent wireless internet connection by playing wireless. Collection of evidence and properly deduce the ghost type that leaves a tract in place. 

When your VR headset prompts you to “Enable Oculus Link,” select Enable to begin remote rendering via Oculus Link. Then you can open steam by starting the remote with the rendering of the Oculus link. 

Thus you can play the Phasmophobia without using the wires. After the Air Link feature on Quest 2 for more details. The experience is a highly immersive experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you play Phasmophobia on Oculus 2?
Ans. You will have to download and launch the Oculus Quest 2. It is said that Phasmophobia is not now available on the Store of Oculus Quest. Instead of this, you will make ways for purchasing the strategies.  

2. How do I run Phasmophobia on VR?
Ans. Users will need to open the oculus app from their PC and then turn on the Quest 2. Plugging in the USB 3 cable into a USB 3.0 port on the PC. Then it is best to connect to the data by ending the headset. You can see the message in the VR headset. The next is to prompt access to the data. 

3. Can you play Steam games on Oculus Quest 2?
Ans. Yes, users can play Steam games on Oculus Quest 2. There are two ways to play SteamVR games on the Quest 2 headset with the USB cable and the wireless Air link devices. Moreover, you may also notice a lag when you have a fast connection of 5G. 

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