Toshiba Fire TV Remote Not Working[8 Easy Ways to Fix]

If the Toshiba Fire TV remote is not working then use this article as a check and steps procedure to resolve the issues as well as take appropriate action. In this post, we will share our experience, as well as check and steps, approach to getting resolution. Nowadays consumer is completely shifted to smart TV with Firestick remotes. Firestick remote is a device, used for unlimited streaming services on TV.

Why Will Not My Toshiba Fire TV Remote Work? 

There are so numerous possible root causes that your fire stick remote does not work. Basically, all electronic devices either work on power batteries or charging batteries. Therefore the most prevalent issue is related to batteries. Still, there are some set of issues like low batteries, Electronic interference, Single transmission 

  • Battery problems:  As mentioned earlier, most of the electronic appliances do not work due to low battery or battery completely down.

Among all the reasons, this is the primary culprit. Sometimes the wrong fitment of the battery also is a problem.

  • Wrong Pairing: if the remote is not paired with the fire stick, it will not work. As you replace your remote, always remember to pair it before use.
  • Obstructions: Direct line of sight is not needed between your remote and Fire Stick. However, when there is obstruction, it can drastically decrease the range.
  • Distance: Fire Stick remote makes use of Bluetooth and not infrared. Their theoretical range is about 30 feet but in a real sense, it’s lower.
  • Interference: Any device that has the ability to restrict Bluetooth connections can hinder your remote from functioning adequately.
  • Compatibility: Replaced remotes that are not compatible with your Fire Stick will not work.
  • Damage: Internal faults from a particular failed component or external damage from water can also prevent your Fire Stick remote from functioning.


There are a set of common issues which are highlighted as the root causes. These issues are substantially common for all kinds of fire stick devices and fixing of issues is also the same for all devices.

A quick way to resolve the issues on yourself:

 1. Replace Your Remote Batteries

All electronic devices either work on power batteries or charging batteries. Continuous usage of your remote control reduces the battery life and it makes the remote stop working


1)- Remove the batteries cover and replace the remote batteries with other batteries for electronic devices like Electronic watch, and TV remotes. I hope the TV remote is in working condition.

Note: 1 Sometimes it becomes hard to take batteries out from the position, in this case, try to use the Electric tester,

2)- Check Now it is working or not

2.1) If yes, then your remote batteries are discharged. Purchase the new batteries with the same watt from the market

Note 2 while purchasing from the market, you can refer to dead batteries as a reference.

After replacing the battery, wait for the receiver of your remote to charge, and try to use the remote to check if there is any change in your problem.

2.2) If not, Then check again the remote battery position or whether the fitment is proper or not. Sometimes, due to the wrong fitment, power does not transmit in the device. 

2.3) If not, clear the batteries compartment with cotton cloth as due to iron dust power supply does not come.

2) Factory Reset The Remote- 

Toshiba Fire TV Remote Not Working

 If your Toshiba remote does not work with replaced batteries, then resetting the remote would be the next step to resolve the issue. 

“Factory Resetting: method means whatever data and user setting/information stored in the device, will be erased from the device and system will set to its default condition” 

Generally, these steps should be used as a last due to loose settings and information from the device. But old settings will get accumulated with time if the system starts working.

In Order To Easily Reset Your Fire Stick To Its Factory Settings, Check &Steps 

1)-Press and hold the left DPAD (the left button on the central shiny circle), the back button (the one with the arrow making a 180° turn to the left), and the menu button for about 5-10 seconds.

Bear in mind that for the procedure to work properly, all three buttons must be pressed and held at the same time, for a period of ten seconds.

3) Wrong Pairing

If your Toshiba remote does not work with factory resetting the remote, then wrong pairing would be the next step to resolve the issue. 

“Pairing between Remote and device: a method that connects the Fire Stick and the TV set to which it will serve as a remote control”.

 Repairing Your Remote 

1)-If You Have An Advanced Toshiba Fire TV,

 Check& Steps –a) You will find a pair of buttons on the back of the remote when you remove the battery cover. 

You need to hold this pairing button for at least 15 to 25 sec so that it connects easily.

2)-If You Do Not Have This Button Feature In Your Remote, 

Check & Steps:

A) Press the home button for at least 20 to 30 seconds, pointing the remote directly at the TV.

B) 20 to 30 seconds later, the Remote will start flashing. If this does not flash, try to stop and restart this process until this happens.

C) Once the remote gets flashing, stop at least 1 minute before using the remote and only then use it. This will restore the remote’s Bluetooth connectivity with your TV.

D)-If It does not work, when pointing directly at the TV, try pressing and holding the back button, the left button, and the menu button at the same time for 35 seconds. This will completely reset your Toshiba fire TV remote.

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4) Obstructions Between Remote And TV Communication:

Toshiba Fire TV Remote Not Working

Any TV and remote use infrared beams to communicate with each other. If this Infrared signal does not work on your remote, then this may also cause your remote not to work.

IR is working on your remote, which you can also check from your smartphone.

To check IR Via Mobile phone, You Need To Take The Following Steps:

Step-1) Take a smartphone, open its camera and look at your remote through the screen.

Step-2) Press any button remotely.

Step-3) If your remote is working, you will see a red light flashing on the camera screen as you press each button on the remote.

Step-4) If you do not see any type of red light, then the remote may be damaged, or the battery may have run out.

Remove Obstacles That Can Block The IR Signal Remotely:

Sometimes No impediment between your TV and remote is another common problem. Because TV and remote use IR signals as communication with each other. They need to send and receive these IR beams without any issue.

These impediments include walls, furniture, other electronic signals, including Bluetooth, and large objects such as speakers. If you see any of these obstructions, try to use the remote from a different location or point the remote directly at the TV’s sensor.

 5) Call To Support Team:

If the above solutions did not work in your case, and the issue still exists, you should reach out to customer support to get this issue fixed. You can try Toshiba a call center number

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6) Purchase a New Remote Device:

At last, after trying all the above workaround, if you still couldn’t find a solution to your issue, Maybe you will have to think about buying a new Fire Stick. It is normal in the case of electronic devices with a limited lifespan, depending on use, that period can be shortened.

7) Power Cycle TV

 If you have used all of the above steps and still the problem has not changed, then the problem might be in your TV.

To Power Your Toshiba Fire TV Take The Following Steps:

  • Turn off the TV and disconnect it from the main power plug in the wall. Now, wait at least 5 to 10 minutes. Now work patiently, during this interval, you have to hold down the power button on the TV for at least 1 minute.
  • Check that you hold the power button on your TV, and not on your remote! Doing this process also removes some of the energy left in the TV and will allow the TV to perform a soft reset. This is different than just turning the remote on and off!
  • Plug in the TV again after 2 minutes and then try the Toshiba fire TV remote.

8) Amazon FIRE TV App As A Temporary Remote Replacement

Toshiba Fire TV Remote Not Working

  This fix is a temporary workaround for your existing issue.

  Step1– Download the Amazon FIRE TV app from the Google Play store or the App Store.

  Step2- Install the Amazon Fire TV app in your smartphone and synchronize it with your TV

Note: Make sure your phone and your Toshiba Fire TV are under the same Wi-Fi network, otherwise you won’t be able to connect the two!

Frequently Asked Questions-

1. Where is the Setup button on my Toshiba TV remote?
Ans. To switch on your TV, you will need to locate the INPUT/ZOOM button on the Toshiba remote control. This button is to the left of your channel up and down button.

How do I reset my Toshiba Fire TV without the remote?

Method 1 – I have also seen some TVs that have a small red circle in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen when plugged in. Press that circle once until it turns blue and the TV will come on.

Method 2 – Find out the model number of your TV and buy a universal remote. Most universal remotes support literally hundreds of products and even if your TV model number is not listed, the next closest model number may still use the same control codes as yours.

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