How To Unpair Firestick Remote

Unplugging and also the unpair firestick remote is a common strategy. The unpairing of the remote can be done using the Firestick remote and removing the new device. So, if you have one Fire stick remote, you will be able to unplug and remove the same. 

You will have to unplug the FIRE TV and wait for over 60 seconds. Press and hold the Left button, menu button and also the back button at the same time. Next you will have to release the buttons and wait for 5 seconds. 

Once done, you will have to plug in the FIRE TV and wait for at least 60 seconds. Put the batteries back in the remote. You need to reset the Amazon Fire TV and then set the factory reset conditions and press the HOME Button. 

Select the MY FIRE TV and then scroll down by clicking on the RESET to Factory Defaults. Clicking on the RESET when the pop up messages appear on the screen. Once done, you will have to unpair fire tv remote for more updates. 

If you want to pair a new firestick remote without the old remote, simply download the Fire TV app and pair a new Firestick remote. 

  • Choose Controllers and Bluetooth devices 
  • Amazon Fire TV remotes 
  • Add New Remote (from the device) 

When Should You Unpair Your Fire Stick Remote?

How To Unpair Firestick Remote

If you are looking for ways to unpair firestick remote access. You might experience a difficult situation. For this you will have to go to the Settings option and look for controllers and bluetooth devices leading to Amazon Fire TV remote. 

And, then you must select the remote you have to upgrade from the device. And, in just 15-20 seconds the unpairing is done immediately. This process is easy and thus needs ways to face the issue before this could be tricky. 

How To Unpair Fire Stick Remote When You Have Two Remotes Paired To The Same Device?

How To Unpair Firestick Remote

When a spare remote is already on hand, you will need to attach to another device, the first scenario comes to the scene. Users will have to unpair their remote from the old device they already had in this case before pairing it with the new one.

In the second circumstance you will need to occur when the remote displays connectivity problems. The connectivity issues in this case are all set to resolve just by first unpairing your Firestick remote from one device and then repairing it to another when you are asked how to unpair a firestick remote. 

The fire stick remote will help you to unpair the firestick and unpair turns to be easier. And, remember one thing, this process works only when you have only one firestick remote you will be able to pair only one device. 

If you want to unpair one remote from the existing devices, you will have to follow the steps here as follows-

  • Go To Settings 
  • Click on Controllers and Bluetooth 
  • Click on AMazon Fire TV Remotes 
  • Select the remote from the list 
  • Press the button with ☰
  • Click on the choice of remote you want to use to unpair
  • Other remotes will unpair immediately 

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Simple Methods To unpair Firestick remote

How To Unpair Firestick Remote

Method 1. 

If you want to unpair the remote you will have to use Amazon Fire TV apps as one of the alternative option 

  • Click on three DOTS 
  • Click on Controllers & Bluetooth devices 
  • Click on AMAZON Fire TV remotes
  • Press MENU button on 2nd remote  

Method 2. 

Use the Factory RESET Button 

  • Use a FACTORY RESET to unpair the device completely to reset  
  • Unplug the device using Fire Stick Lite and Fire cube 
  • Manually unpair the Amazon Fire Stick settings 
  • Click on Select the GEAR ICON in the settings 
  • Click on Fire Stick Home screen 

Method 3.

Users can also use a MOBILE APP using smartphone tablet and Ipad

  • Click on MOBILE Device 
  • Choose Options from Smartphone,/ipad /TABLET
  • Download from AMAZON FIRE TV App from Google Play and App Store 
  • Download the App & Use 

Method 4.

Set up Amazon Fire TV app before unpairing the FireSTick remote

  • Choose SUre or No Thanks 
  • Connect the Wifi network to the TV
  • Choose the TV where your Firestick device is plugged
  • See the CODE on the TV screen
  • Enter the same code to unpair  

Method 5

Unpair the Fire Stick through Amazon Fire TV APP 

  • Click on Amazon Fire TV app menu 
  • Tap the Gear Icon in the upper- left corner 
  • Select Fire TV settings 
  • Click on Controllers & Bluetooth 
  • Click on Amazon Fire TV 
  • Tap on Menu button 
  • Choose to Confirm Unpairing 

Method 6

Reset Your Fire Stick 

  • Choose Factory from the Settings 
  • Erase all the data 
  • Revert Your device at the default settings 
  • Set Up your Fire Stick remote again 

Method 7.

Reset the Fire remote by changing batteries 

You can reset the firestick remote just by taking out the batteries from the remote and disconnecting the same from the power source. Now you will have to re-insert the batteries by holding the HOME button for 42-45 seconds.

  • OPEN Settings 
  • Click on device 
  • Click Upair 
  • Press OK  

Protip: Backup your files and data before you perform FACTORY RESET and lose all your data 

frequently asked questions

Q1. How do you unpair a remote?
Ans1. Holding down the HOME button, you will have to press the MENU button thrice. Then you will have to let go for the HOME button. Press the MENU button for 9 times. 

Q2. Do you have to unpair the Fire Stick remote?
Ans2. If you want to unpair the Remote, you must follow the details-

If Fire TV doesn’t offer a menu option to remote an accessory, all you have to do is go to-

Settings > Controllers & Bluetooth Devices > Amazon Fire TV Remotes and highlight the device in question. Then, hold menu + back + home for 20 seconds

Q3. How do I reprogram my Fire Stick remote to a new TV?
Ans3. Once you miss out the Fire STick remote to the new TV with the prompt or move the FIRE TV stick with a different TV. You can now program that your Amazon remote can get stuck to the FIRETV Remote. 

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