Some Amazing Tips To Take Sparkler Pictures With iPhone

First and foremost, if you go out to find a good view of the fireworks, avoid crowds, wear a mask, and keep your distance from other people. Just because the gorgeous lights in the sky go off doesn’t mean we can relax our guard when it comes to stopping the spread of a fatal infection Here Are Some Tips To Take Sparkler Pictures With iPhone.

Scout Your Location

Learn the lay of the land before taking a single sparkler’s photograph. Knowing where the fireworks will go off ahead of time will help you determine the finest perspectives for your shots.

You obviously want a clear shot of the sky, but seek a location that also allows you to get a beautiful wide-angle perspective of the skyline or a nearby landmark. 

  • This not only helps with composition, but it also aesthetically places tags on your images, making them more fascinating. If your local fireworks display is over a river or body of water, locate a location that allows you to incorporate the water into the frame reflections will give drama and scale to your photos.
  •  Of course, if your city is releasing fireworks from an unknown place, this advice may be rendered null and void. If that’s the case, look for an outpost with a wide, 360-degree perspective of your surroundings and be prepared to rotate.
  • Another thing you won’t be able to forecast in advance is the wind. If the smoke is blowing toward you from the direction of the fireworks, you may wind up with more hazy images as the display progresses.
  • If that’s the case, get the majority of your images taken as soon as feasible. However, if the wind is at your back, you’ll have excellent shooting conditions throughout the show.

The early part of the display is critical because it allows you to frame the entire show and snap a few test best sparklers for photography to ensure your settings are providing the desired look. Furthermore, the early half of the concert is ideal for capturing wide-angle photos. When the sky begins to fill with smoke, your views of any surrounding scenery will be obstructed.

Prep Your Phone

How To Take Sparkler Pictures With iPhone
How To Take Sparkler Pictures With iPhone

The rules of engagement for a phone differ slightly from those for a full-fledged camera. You won’t have a zoom lens or extensive manual controls, and because phones don’t come with normal tripod attachments, you’ll have to work extra hard to hold them stable.

Here are the fundamentals.

  • Turn off the flashlight. You won’t need it because the fireworks will be hundreds of feet away.
  • Learn how to manually alter the settings on your camera, or purchase an app that does it for you. A lower ISO and a longer exposure time are desired.
  • Practice. Take shots of a sparkler in the dark to test your setup.
  • For the best results, use a tripod.

You’re probably thinking, “Why not just use digital zoom?” Because the outcomes are dreadful. Digital zoom simply crops and enlarges the scene from a full-size snap, resulting in a blurry and dull image. When you zoom in too far, your good-looking 12-megapixel image becomes a grainy and humiliating 3-megapixel catastrophe.

Still The Fury

You can capture fantastic shots without a tripod—the finest smartphones have adequate camera stabilisation built-in, and we’ll discuss some methods for handheld shooting below—but for the best results, use a tripod. Manfrotto produces high-quality aluminium tripods.

Go Long

Find a way to shoot long exposure sparklers with your camera stabilized. Some phones’ built-in camera software allows you to leave the shutter open for up to one second. That’s generally enough time to get a vibrant flash of color with some dramatic trails.

However, the greatest results are frequently obtained by leaving the shutter open for two to four seconds and using a lower ISO of 100 or 200. In most situations, this involves downloading an app that provides you with complete control over your camera.

How To Take Sparkler Pictures With iPhone
  • Try ProCamera ($9), Manual ($4), or Halide ($6) sparkler pictures with an iphone. The excellent Moment Pro Camera app for iOS ($5) has a slow-shutter mode as well as improved time-lapse photo settings.
  •  Try Open Camera on Android (free). Just keep in mind that certain Android phone models can be picky about allowing you to change particular camera settings, and you may not have access to all of the app’s functions.
  • Here’s a suggestion for long exposure sparklers, regardless of the programme you use: Find a way to operate your camera’s shutter without touching it.
  •  Using a hands-free camera allows you to take a picture without introducing any shake. Some apps allow you to shoot a picture by speaking or clapping your hands.

Open the shutter as soon as you hear the pop of the firework leaving the mortar for a four-second exposure. If you do this, you will be able to capture all three stages: the tail ascending into the sky, the explosion, and the gradual drop of the colourful flares.

If you use a shorter exposure of two or three seconds, you’ll need to time your shutter click to right before the explosion. This will require some practice, so fire frequently.

No Tripod? No Biggie

You can still take some amazing photos with your phone, and you can even play with the camera settings for some added fun.

If your phone has an HDR toggle setting, start with it turned off. To create a High Dynamic Range photo, your phone takes a series of shots at various exposures and then merges them.

Fast-moving objects, such as brilliant fireworks in a dark sky, would typically ruin an HDR photograph. However, leaving HDR on may result in some artistic “happy accidents,” so only use it when you’re ready to experiment.

Next, if your phone’s camera has dedicated sparklers photograph at night mode setting, such as Google Pixel’s Night Sight or iPhone 11’s Night Mode, try leaving it on.

These camera features, which use a mixture of approaches, produce brilliant and color-accurate photographs in low-light situations. 

  • To begin, the night mode setting, like HDR, often takes numerous images at varied long exposure sparklers. However, the camera software then corrects the color of the photographs and removes the artifacts generated by your palm moving while holding the phone. The end product is usually a reasonably sharp photograph of the scene.
  • The ability to shoot shareable short animations is one of the most enjoyable aspects of modern smartphone photography. Apple refers to these as Live Photos, whereas Google refers to them as Motion Photos. 
  • The software on your phone that handles your photo library is sophisticated enough to surface these for you, but if you want more control, you can also build your own animations. WIRED explains how to do this with Google Photos.
How To Take Sparkler Pictures With iPhone
How To Take Sparkler Pictures With iPhone

One amusing feature of iOS is the ability to make a long exposure for you after the fact. This is an excellent trick for getting some cool fireworks shots.

After you’ve captured some great fireworks photos as Live Photos, launch the Photos app and choose the Live Photos file you want to convert to a long exposure.

Swipe up to bring up the menu, then swipe right to access the Effects choices. Choose Long Exposure from the selection, and the software will create an image that stacks the complete sequence of the fireworks exploding into one image.


After you’ve taken your photographs, import them into Lightroom or another editing tool of your choosing. By tweaking the brightness, contrast, and highlights, you may instantly improve your sparkler images. Playing with such settings will help make your images stand out.

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