How To Delete Apps On Firestick

You will have to highlight the app you want to remove. And click on Apps & Games using your Firestick remote. Your FireSTick TV has a menu that is called Apps which lets you down quickly with the view and launch it through your installed apps. And, once you can use this menu, you will be able to remove the apps as well. 

In order to start the Fire TV stick remote, you will have to press and hold down the button HOME by choosing the Apps. So, before you know how to delete apps on firestick you must learn about the ways to easily make it happen. While the app is highlighted, on your FireTV stick remote, press the Menu button (the three horizontal lines on it. 

The right pane in the menu offers the best option to choose “uninstall”. The chosen app is now removed from the FireTV stick. With the space clearance, the sideloaded apps are not available in the App Store after the jailbreaking of the FireTV. 

This article outlined the benefits of removing apps from your FireStick as well as how to do it. The first approach is the most complete one for erasing apps and any related data. The second approach is the simplest yet fastest way to remove apps.

To clear the cache for an app, pick it and then go to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications. Choose Clear data to delete locally cached app data

choose to Uninstall to delete both the program and its local data After clearing the cache, if your Fire TV device is still not functioning, conduct a factory reset to erase all data.

Why Delete Apps From FireStick? 

An example of how far technology has advanced is the Amazon FireStick. A display becomes a complete entertainment hub when a FireStick is plugged into its HDMI connector. People who desire to view their pleasure on any screen around will find it to be a terrific companion.

You can download apps for Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and pretty much any other Android-compatible program on a FireStick. As a result, many people load up their FireSticks with a tonne of programs. But when the storage is filled and the device’s performance slows down, they subsequently regret it.

Here are the reasons why one cannot delete an app on Firestick-

  • Free up space for other apps
  • Clear up the app data & cache 
  • Fix app multifunctions 
  • Speed up the Firestick
  • Get Rid of Bloatware

However, Firestick comes with a number of bloatware apps already loaded. Apps that aren’t necessary for the efficient operation and smooth performance of your device are referred to as bloatware. 

how to delete apps on firestick

It will take between five and fifteen minutes for Firestick to completely wipe all of the data. Make sure you don’t unplug or turn off your device during the procedure. 

Even when not in use, these apps take up space on your Firestick. Examples include sports applications, other games, and weather apps. You can remove them from Amazon Firestick because they aren’t required for your device, making room for other, more useful programs.

What Apps Can I Delete From Firestick?

In order to uninstall apps from the FireStick, you will need to follow the following steps-

  • Go To Settings
  • Applications
  • Manage Installed Apps

You can then select the app that you will want to remove and select Uninstall. Before you know how to uninstall apps on firestick, you must first free up space on the Firestick. 

Scroll down the apps and then check the sizes of the cache along with the data. If there are a lot of apps it gets difficult to remove the apps. It is the best way to clear off the space. In addition to the factory reset you will have to ensure that everything is properly set. 

  • Choose the icon of Settings 
  • Pick the Applications 
  • Pick the Manage Installed Applications 
  • Select the app you wish to uninstall
  • Choose the Uninstall 
  • Confirm the delete app

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 Top 10 Methods How To Delete Apps From FireStick

When any app stops working on Firestick, the corrupted cache will slow down and then underperform the large cache. In both of the cases with a clear solution to clear the cache. 

On a Fire TV Stick or other Fire TV device, you can only clean the cache by doing it for every app or for the one that’s causing you problems. 

how to delete apps on firestick
  • Make sure that the Firestick is turned on and connected
  • Next, you will have to click on the symbol in the right top corner of the right
  • Then click “My Fire TV.”
  • Press on the RESET to FACTORY DEFAULTS 
  • The pop-up screen will appear to confirm 
  • Reset the services by pressing RESET 
  • Press Developer Option 
  • You have the most recent version installed if you see the “Check for Updates” option  
  • You are not using the most recent version if you see the “Install updates” option 
  • Click on the option of Install
  • Press Update & Reset the Home Screen 

Protip: Deleting the cache will typically fix issues like poor speeds and program crashes on the Firestick. If that doesn’t work, you might need to delete app data, clear cookies, or even reset your Fire TV Stick to its factory default settings.

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How To Delete The Pre-Installed Apps From Your Firestick?

how to delete apps on firestick
  • You will need to make sure that the Firestick that needs to be connected to the device and then turn it on. 
  • Starting from the Homescreen, you need to open settings and then press the gear icon at the top-right corner.
  • You can click on press ‘Applications” 
  • Click on manage Installed Applications
  • Scroll down until you will find the app you will want to delete the information 
  • Open the App Press ‘Uninstall’ and then see a pop-up message while you are sure to delete the app 
  • Click on OK and the app will be deleted 

The app will be removed in a matter of seconds. If your Firestick’s performance was suffering because of a lack of storage, removing one or more pre-installed apps should help.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I free up space on my Firestick?
Ans1. Press the home screen and check the space in the property along with the managed installed apps, select the clear cache and clean off the data from the device. Clear Cache>Delete Apps>Remove Sideloaded Files>Factory Reset FireStick. 

Q2. Why is my Firestick storage full?
Ans2. Apps on your Fire Stick store data in a cache file as you use them. This can free up a lot of space if you have a lot of programs. Removing apps: The best way to free up space if you have a lot of apps on your Fire Stick is to remove those you no longer use. 

Q3. What does clearing cache do on Firestick?
Ans3. On your Fire TV Stick, deleting the cache will typically fix issues like poor speeds and program crashes. If that doesn’t work, you might need to delete app data, clear cookies, or even reset your Fire TV Stick to its factory default settings.

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